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Finding Resilience in Micro-Moments (2.15.23) is a Course

Finding Resilience in Micro-Moments (2.15.23)

Feb 15, 2023 - Feb 16, 2023


Full course description

Location Macinnes Auditorium

Prerequisite None

Full Schedule 2/15/2023 from (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM) EST

Facilitator Dr. Tori Lockler - University of South Florida


This course will introduce participants to the micro-moment approach to increasing resilience to improve patient-care interactions. Participants explore stress, the reasons behind burn-out, some institutional and communal solutions to reduce stress, and mindfulness methods for individual micro-moments that can improve resilience. Participants will be prepared to integrate the methods of micro-moment care to decrease burn-out and enrich patient care experience.

Learning Objectives As a result of attending this session, you should be able to:

  • Define stress and burn-out related to healthcare professionals
  • Explain the types of resilience and identify some institutional and communal solutions to improve resilience
  • Describe mindfulness and the micro-moment approach, the relevance to stress and burn out reduction, and how that leads to an increase in positive patient-care interactions
  • Employ strategies to increase personal resilience through micro-moments which will improve patient-care interactions and experiences


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